Why create beautiful pieces of clothing?

Why create beautiful pieces of clothing?

What is this even all about? Why create beautiful pieces of clothing using beautiful textiles and trims?


It is a creative outlet. It’s a vision in my head that calls out to be made. Taking part in a creative process from concept to completion does take some natural talent, moreover years of experience is also helpful with the process, and yet it is intuitive at the same time.  


When I create, I try to create something beautiful that transcends time and can be relevant throughout the ages. Also it’s about developing a style that flows through time, through the seasons. It is something recognizable, like a signature. It develops and may fluctuate slightly, but it still remains true to its original source. It’s authentically unique and can be plucked out of a line-up, like a Chanel suit. 


The overall design has inherent value. It is not designed on a whim. It tells a story. The item has a purpose in your wardrobe. It is not made for profit. It is made simply to be made.

A vision turns into a created thing, and its purpose is to bring beauty into the eyes of the beholder. 

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