Spring 2024 Prelude and le deuxeime

The First Collection of Spring 2024

Look 1 is named "Prelude" and Look 2 is named "le deuxeime" (which means 2nd look).  Eventually both of these Looks will be combined in a compilation that I will be introducing later this month.  A model photo shoot is planned and the details are being finalized so I can properly present this collection to you in all its sublimity and essence.

I see this color in the light with a hint of pink in these first two Looks.  And it is just a hint of pink; it's just the lining of the skirt and some embroidery and a few appliques.  This hint of pink reminds me of a soft antique ballet pink.  It is just so subtle and soft.  As I tried to find the right words to describe the color of these two Looks, my thought was the color harkens to the first tinge of pink on the first blossoms of spring.  It's almost something you have to take a second glance at to see if it is pink or is it just the lighting.

I was inspired with the color because my wedding dress, of 35 years ago this coming April, is all about that.  My dress (which is now on display at the atelier), had that tinge of pink in the lining which brought such warmth and joy to the white outer dress.  It's a feeling of warmth and comfort that makes you feel good when wearing them.

And then there is the fact of the light.  Not only is it light and radiates light because of the white, but it is also very lightweight.  In fact, the compilation Look will include every piece in both Looks.  Underneath will be the Pin-tuck Underskirt with ruffles, and then the Clementine Skirt, and over that the Ballet Skirt.  On top comes the Blooming Bralette, and finally the Butterfly Blouse.  Everything kind of moves towards a coziness, like a beautifully wrapped cocoon, a wonderfully layered look, and yet it is so lightweight.  It is not heavy at all.  You can wear all these pieces together, and it still weighs less than a pound.  With the compilation Look, you are wearing 5 layers, although you can remove anyone of these pieces and still be able to have a Look that's perfectly wearable. 

Each particular item can be worn in several different ways.  It's just a brilliant way to purchase clothing.  Adding pieces to your wardrobe that are versatile for layering, to wear to different occasions, to wear year round, and to wear for years to come.  Items can be purchased one at a time or get the entire Look at once, since they are very limited in supply.  Think about purchasing one, two, or three pieces, perhaps, and then add on more at a later time.  Timeless styles means you can wear them through the course of a lifetime, and then pass them down to the next generation as an heirloom.  They are pieces that are made to last through the ages because of the style, the fabrics, and the craftsmanship.  The essence of this style is a feeling of quiet luxury, subtle in nature, but with an understanding of the quality of fine craftsmanship.

These fabrics are very special because they are natural, non-toxic, limited in supply, and/or part of my vintage collection. Yes, there is some hand embroidery there.  Yes, there are some special details like pin tucks, French seams, Swiss dot embroidery, and covered buttons.  There is a tie waist, little ruffles, appliques, and side slits.  All the special little details would make this a charming group of clothing items for your wardrobe. .

These styles can be worn to a wedding, you can wear this as an alternative bridal ensemble, you can use these pieces for your trousseau, and you can style these pieces as you travel after your wedding.  When you put these pieces on, you will feel really good about yourself and be filled with joy, in any event for any occasion.  Not only that, later down the line, you can get creative and add in more pieces from your own wardrobe.  Go ahead and mix up some colors.  Think about dressing them down, and how you can dress them up, all while adding layers, or taking them off. 

I am excited to tell you how these Looks came together.  I have had this pink vintage rayon lining fabric in my stash for years and I have been wanting to do pink, especially under black.  But I have started with the pink under white.  The Pin-Tuck Underskirt is a fairly simple shape that has a comfortable elastic waist with a little tie in the back.  It has pin-tucks to make it really special with ruffles at the hem, and side slits at both side seams.  The skirt will fit most people size 2 - 12 and it is flattering on all sizes and shapes. 

Then the Butterfly Blouse is made with a beautiful rare Swiss Dot Silk Organza which I had embroidered.  This is also vintage fabric.  It has lasted throughout time.  I don't have too many yards left, but I do have enough for a few more pieces.  It is a truly exquisite fabric and has been one of my favorites throughout my career.  It just gets softer and molds to your body the more you wear it.  This particular Butterfly Blouse has covered buttons, little vents at your waist at the sides,  pin-tucks at the sleeves with antique lace around the sleeves and around the collar.  The blouse has short sleeves and is about waist length.  I call this a vintage fit with darts in front and back for shape.  It is a great layering piece.  

The Blooming Bralette is made with this beautiful cotton faille print.  It is a new fabric -- a newer fabric for me.  It's 100% cotton and is produced with earth friendly procedures so its safe for the environment.  The print is beautiful--it's kind of vintage and at the same time modern, yet classic.  The colors are amazing, and lend themselves to so many different colors.  I'm showing it with the pink now, but it looks amazing with black, dark green, burgundy, a citrony yellow green, and an earthy sage green, to name a few.  It looks great with a natural and / or pastelly color.  It has such a range of colors.  It just pops with everything. I really love this color way!  It is so natural; natural colors that you would see in nature, so that's why it works.  The beautiful blooms in it remind me of a retro-vintage type of print.  The blossoms are on the medium scale in size and it is a one-way print. The bralette has princess seams, little covered buttons in back, and adjustable straps.  The length is above your midriff.  It is a bralette after all.  It goes well with high-waisted skirts and bottoms.  You can wear it as a cropped vest, over lightweight blouses.  Or you can wear it under a blouse where it's just peaking out at the top.  You can wear it like a bathing suit top with high waisted shorts.  It is a very versatile piece.  It is fitted, so it's going to hold your shape.  It's just a really nice piece and is comfortable to wear.

Then I have the Clementine Skirt, which is this beautiful tie-waisted skirt that has a satin ribbon that ties on one side.  There are five yards of beautiful ethereal 100% silk organza which makes it very voluminous, transparent and lightweight.  Its original inspiration is a late 1800s Petticoat Skirt from my personal collection. I've kept all the special details that keep it authentic to its original design.  There are also some French seams in there, and stitches -- rows and rows of stitches to keep the shape.  It's just beautiful and something that you are going to want to wear all the time.  It is so lightweight and the fabric will get more beautiful and softer with wear and proper care.  You will love this skirt for years to come.  You can wear this skirt over things or under things.  You can wear it over leggings or over jeans.  You can wear it over some palazzo pants.  You can wear a button down skirt over it so it looks like a petticoat is peeking out.  You can wear it under a pinafore, or a jumper.  Wear it with a sweater or a tee shirt.  Wear it with a slip. Wear it with sandals, ballet flats, platforms, heels, combat boots, flip flops, barefoot on the beach.  You will love to have this beautiful skirt in your wardrobe.  It is gorgeous!

Now for the topper -- the Ballet Skirt, which is like an overskirt.  Here I'm pairing it with a half slip, however you can wear this over cut-off jean shorts, over leggings or tights, over linen pants, over another dress, or even over a bathing suit.  There are just so many different ways to wear it.  My idea was to embroider over this beautiful tulle I've purchased awhile back, and I've made overskirts in this tulle, which happen to be my best sellers.  But I wanted to do something to enhance it, to add to it, because it calls out for some kind of embellishment.  So I decided to go with the pink theme and stitch lines of embroidery, and appliques all over it like patches, then I embellished those patches with more embroidery.  Below the waist I added some pin-tucks.  It reminds me of a ballet skirt that you would wear. I love this one too!

At the end you will see all these Looks come together.  It just kind of turned out that way. I can barely wait to show you.

I've also made a few wreaths, so I've added a wreath to this Look.  What a pretty option for a bouquet, a headpiece, or even a wedding memento.  Start with dried flowers or make this wreath with fresh flowers from your wedding bouquet, attach it to a wreath, and then you have it in your home as an everlasting reminder of your special day. A wreath is symbolic of celebration, devotion and remembrance.

The beautiful vintage veil was found at an estate sale, which I added some baby's breath to.  This natural type of wreath could be used for the bride or flower girl.  You can wear it as a crown without the veil if you so desired. 

Anyway, I hope you really understand my theme here.  If you visited my atelier you would see pink amaranth, ribbons and lace in the window, with lacy dried flower wreaths. 

The first Looks of Spring 2024 are all about Love and I purposely chose the colors of pink and white.  I felt that pink is just such a color of love and white is the color of light and virtue.  We really need more love in this world because love conquers most things, if not everything.  I hope that you will find love in this collection, and that you will feel love, and that you are loved, and that you can love others as well.  I hope that explains what these pieces are about.

my heart belongs to you,

Brigitte xo

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