Prairie Style

Prairie Style

I love this prairie style.  It combines the 1800s with 1970s in so many ways.  I remember when Gunne Sax was big in my teens, and I loved the styles coming from Jessica McClintock back then.  And how about now?  The styling is an aesthetic I am really getting back into.  It's quite valuable and if you are looking for vintage Gunne Sax it does come at a price.

I take a lot of inspiration from the way lace details and trims are combined with different fabrics and colors.  I'm all about combining textures and coordinating fabrics and colors.

My Prairie Rose Collection launched in September and it was a true pleasure to complete and watch it come into fruition.  I started this collection back in February, when I first started researching vintage undergarments from the late 1800's.  That's when I started collecting beautiful white petticoats, corset covers, bloomers, lace trims and fabrics, and anything and everything I could find from around the country, and from antique shops and estate sales far and wide.

I took special notes on how these items were made and how they always included beautiful lace trim and hand embroidery.

My collection of antique lace trims coordinated beautifully with my vintage fabric and the shapes and silhouettes came into existence.

The lovely lace collars and trims is what really made this collection special and will become heirloom pieces.  Preserving a little bit of history in each piece.  Since the antique lace trims and vintage fabrics are limited, it has become my first true bespoke collection.  Each piece will be made to order for that special customer that will purchase this as an heirloom piece to hand down to future generations.   

There are a lot of important silhouettes and pieces in this collection that I do plan on adding in some form or another in my upcoming collections as well.  

The term seasonless dressing is something that I relate to.  For me its about finding classic pieces and being able to layer them throughout the seasons with other fabrics and items from my wardrobe.  Then I also like to add items into my wardrobe that coordinate with what I already have, instead of reinventing the wheel with something completely new in color or style that doesn't seem to go with anything I have.

Classic pieces are timeless and are appropriate for most occasions and throughout the year.  I hope that is what you see when you look at my silhouettes, colors, fabrics and details.


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