Modern Prairie

Modern Prairie

Autumn 2023 takes note of modern Prairie Style.  Petticoat inspired skirts and prairie style waistcoats, and blouses have added charm with peplums, ruffles, patchwork appliques and hand embroidery.  The looks, names and themes are reminiscent of a modern day frontier woman:  adventurous, tough on the outside, ladylike on the inside, skilled for survival, adaptable, trusting in herself and in her God, knowledge of the laws of nature, and ready for whatever may come her way.  

The colors remain earthy and natural.  Easy to wear neutrals from perfectly pale to hickory brown with pops of orange sunset, terra-cotta and goldenrod.  Also a few retro floral prints round out the collection.

The fabrics remain natural, vintage, deadstock, or eco-tech luxe linen imported from Europe.

Each piece is hand designed, hand cut, and completed at my Atelier.  Having my hand from creation to completion is very satisfying.  It is a slow process, but it is very meaningful and purposeful with great attention to detail every step of the way.  I have had some general help in the construction of some of the garments to keep up with demand, but even so, every finishing detail is handcrafted by me.  This keeps each piece in my collection a unique item and no two items are exactly alike.

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