Inspired by LOVE Photo Session Notes

Inspired by LOVE Photo Session Notes

Here is a little "behind the scenes" notes from my Inspired by LOVE photo session. 

From a designer standpoint, the photo shoot is really about evoking a feeling and bringing the collection to life. 

So much effort, planning, coordinating and anticipation goes into every detail.  Does the collection have enough variations, what accessories do I need to make, or which ones should I use, what about the shoes, flowers, lighting, props, refreshments, space for gathering and changing clothing and taking photos, etc., etc.  Before you know it the day has arrived. 

Bella @bella.austin_ approached me months ago, when we first met @h3barn_ at an outdoor pop up event.  She told me she was drawn towards my vintage inspired clothing pieces and mentioned she would be available for a photo shoot in the future. I made a mental note and we started following each other on Instagram. 

Out of the blue, as I was putting the collection together Bella came into mind.  So, on a whim, I contacted her, and she was available for a fitting.  Within a few days we met for the 2nd time at the Atelier. All the LOOKs I had ready for the photo shoot fit her amazingly well and didn't really need any adjustments. Then it all happened so fast. I sent her an outline of ideas for hair, makeup, and poses.  She understood the plan perfectly. Thank you Bella for your professionalism, communication, and all the extra time you spent before and during the photo session. You truly brought the feeling of this collection into life. 💗

Danny @df_portraits is a dream maker and captured my collection with her amazing angles and photography magic in well over a hundred different ways. She is full of surprises and has had my back and encouraged me from the start of my journey with Brigitte Hart Dress Atelier. I’m so glad she became available, on such short notice and that all of our schedules collided for an early morning photography session.😘

The Tuesday morning light in late February was perfect and just happened to be on a sunny day between all the rainy days. 

In January, I started taking photos and documenting the process with videos and a blog with the various pieces of my collection. Everything about this Limited Edition collection was very thought out, carefully and slowly executed, meaningfully crafted, and made with a whole lot of love.

To keep the photos and feeling of this collection cohesive, my idea was to keep the photo shoot contained in a small vignette type setting in the front corner of my Atelier. This allowed me to play with the lighting and add to my backdrop throughout the gathering of the various LOOKS. 

Being a slow fashion brand, and only producing a very limited amount of items, I was able to really get into the story telling and presentation of each new piece as it was developed and completed.  I want to especially thank Claire @thefashionadvocate. At the end of last year, I had a one-on-one session with her right before she was to give birth to her babe. I had many amazing take aways from her. She validated so much of what I was doing, but more importantly she made me question why I was doing it, which brought everything into proper perspective. If you don’t follow her already, I highly recommend her fresh approach to what it means to be a small and sustainable fashion brand. 🤍

This Inspired by LOVE collection is very special to my heart and soul. Thank you all so much for helping this process come to its fruition. 

Xo Brigitte 

p.s. all mentions are on Instagram respectively, and where you will find a beautifully curated selection of photos and reels @brigittehartdresses


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